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Fashion business is another business that you can start from any location.As a fashion designer , you can sell wedding gown , cloths , shoes , and other things . You can still key into hair dressing .

Fashion designers earn more than some civil servants in most cases. It is a business you can start and be sure of making profit through it .One unique thing about this business is that it is a vast business .It comprises of many things .You are to choose the area you want to invest on. A closer look at this business shows that it thrives at any location . It is a business that does not have season .You earn anytime and any day. Now , let us look at the things that make up this fashion designing business .

Hair dressing : This is one of the things that make up fashion designing business. Hair dressing is a lucrative business at this present time . People that are into this business are living big with it . They open their shop anytime they want and go home anytime they like . Almost every girl in the street likes plaiting her hair . Even young children who are in secondary school loves plaiting their hair too so as to look beautiful. When ever you visit a hair dressing saloon , you will discover that those places are always full to the extent of people booking appointment with the hair dresser.

Hair dressing is a business you can learn at a low cost and open your own shop with a small capital .All you need is to rent a shop and buy some few things and you are good to go. Even as a business man or woman , who don't have chance for this business , you can invest in the business and employ people that will be handling the business for you.

DESIGNING OF CLOTHS : These are the people that design all kinds of cloth's like wedding gown and other types of latest fashion dresses. They will design your cloth to any style you want it .They make huge income through it . A visit to a fashion designing shop shows that they are always busy designing one cloth or another If you price a particular cloth in the market , you will discover that it is costly .Designers earn money daily and they choose when to work and when to rest .They are not tied to their business by anybody. They move freely .

Fashion designer is a business you can start from any place .It does not have a fixed location where you can start it . It flourishes at any place you open your shop. Fashion designers are the people that gives cloths different styles and also make it attractive to people.

To start this business , you need to learn fashion designing .You can learn fashion designing for two years or more depending on what you want . It is a business mostly done by woman . As an unemployed lady , you can venture into this business and use it to improve the living condition of your family . Other things involved in fashion business include ; selling of shoes , jewelries or make up . They are things which you can invest in and rip your profit


Over the years , we have been hearing that the only people that can invest in this business are only women. It is a wrong assertion. As a man or a student , you can still invest in this business . It is a business which you must not learn before starting it . You can sell make up and be makeing money . It is only few things that you need to learn in fashion business before you can start them . Although you can invest in it and employ people who will be managing it for you.


The major advantage of this business is that it can be invested in any location .It does not have a particular location to invest it . Even in rural communities , hair dressing is one of the lucrative business you can start and earn money.

Another advantage of it is that it does not involve marketing .In hair dressing , it is your hand work that will draw customers to you. It is only in designing of cloths and selling of cosmetics that you need to market your product . Also , the capital needed to set up a hair dressing saloon is small compared to others . Even the capital need in selling of cosmetics is not too much if you want to invest in it.


The major disadvantage of this business is that you need to learn it before starting it . You need to learn hair dresing , fashion designing before you can open your own shop. And it also takes months in order to learn this business . But if you are into other fashion business like ; selling of jewelries and cosmetics , you don't need to learn it before you can open your own shop.


You can make money by charging people money to design their cloths . You can also make money by teaching others too. Your making money in fashion business depends on which area you invested on .

In summary , fashion business is one of the risk free business you can start . You dont need to about anything in this business . As an unemployed graduate , you can start this business and start generating income for yourself .



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