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Car wash business is a business in which some young boy use to earn a living . It is a good business which you can start and earn good income . It is all about washing cars for people and you get paid while doing it . If you take a look at car washing centres , you will always see lots of cars parked their . People pay good money for their cars to be washed . And car wash owners charge a lot in washing peoples car .You can start this business as a unemployed youth . Many people are in their house today doing nothing . They are waiting for white collar jobs which they would do without the feelings of stress . They are looking for people who would call them and give them job . They believe that they have what car wash owners don’t have . People with this kind of mindset ends up as a failure in life . The problems of their world consumes them .Car wash business is a business which you can start as a vibrant youth and earn a living . As a youth , how would you start this business ?

The answer to this question lies with you . You can start it at any location you feel that this business can be lucrative . You can start it in cities , towns or some urban areas . This business can be run at any location of your choice . If you are unemployed does not mean that you cannot make it in life . Don’t waste your time staying at home . Start investing in car wash business .You may ask yourself some questions like ; What do I need for this business ?

Well , you don’t need to much things before you can start this business . All you need is a location favourable for this business and some things you would need to wash cars like ; detergent , brush etc. You can start this business with the little money you have with yourself . That your small income can make you a millionaire within some years that you are into car wash business . Who can run this business ?

Well , any vibrant youth can run this business .It is not a business meant for ladies . It is for boys only . Although , as a lady , you can invest in this business and hire boys who would be working for you and you pay them monthly . It is a business any man can do . Even an unemployed graduate can still run this business pending when he secures a job . You can combine this business with other things which you are doing and you can also run it on a part time basis . It is a business which does not have season. People wash their cars everyday, so there is no specific season for this business . How do I earn money through this business ?

This is a question people have asked themselves many times without finding any tangible solution to it . If you visit a car washing centre , you would see lots of cars . Now lets assume that you wash ten cars in a day , and you can 1,000 for each car you wash , you would be going home with 10,000 . And lets assume that you work for five days in a week , your weekly income would be 50,000 . Now , multiply it by 4 and you see that you would be earning 200,000 in a month which some civil servants do not earn . Even some graduates do not earn up to that amount in a month . So, why stay at home doing nothing when you can pocket up to 200,000 naira in a month doing car wash business .Another about this business is that you can invest in it and employ people who would work for you . You don’t need to stress yourself as you would be at the comfort of your house and be earning money . Now , lets look at the factors that can affect the growth of this business ; WATER : This is one of the key things that would determine the success of this business . You need water to start up this business . This is the main thing that affects the growth of this business . You cannot wash a car without water . It is not possible . You have to locate this business at a place where you can have access to water or you drill a bore hole . LOCATION : This business flourish at some location while it does not do so at some location . Try to locate this business in a favourable location. These and many more are some of the problems that people who are into this business face . You can run this business and be success . Do not look at what people would say about you and start running your own car business today .



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