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Zobo drink is one of the less expensive drinks you can buy from the market . It is affordable for everybody .And because of it , people tend to buy it very well . It is a drink which you can invest your money into for its production. I was able to interview someone that produces zobo drink and was shocked at the sales he makes per day . Zobo drink production is a business which plenty people have over looked over the years .

They think that it is only a business in which few individuals can venture into . But their assertions is wrong. They have adifferent view about the business . Zobo drink is one of the most easiest business one can venture into . And what makes this business more easier is that all the ingredients you need in this business can be found in the market without stressing yourself . And it is affordable at a low cost .

Another thing is that you don’t need any high cost bottles like in air freshener business in order to package your product . And you don’t need to much marketing too. Someone once told me that zobo drink production is one of the easiest business to enter into . Now , you may be wondering the materials for this business that makes it more easier to produce. Below is the materials you need in order to produce a high quality zobo drink .

ZOBO LEAF : You can get this leaf in the market or any other place . It is one of the essential ingredients you need in zobo drink production. GARLIC ONION : You can still get it from the market at an affordable price . Try to get fresh one .

PINEAPPLE FLAVOR : Is another ingredient you need . You should be mindful of the way you put it as it is one of the key things that will bring out the taste of the drink .

SUGAR : You can add it to your taste . Be cautious of the quantity of sugar you add when producing your zobo drink so as not to spoil the whole thing.

COCA COLA FLAVOR : Is another ingredient you need .

WATER : You measure the quantity you want . Don’t put excess water so as not to make your drink thirst less....

Now , having listed these ingredients , lets us know the procedure to follow when producing your zobo drink . 1...Wash the zobo leaf thoroughly to remove impurities . 2...Now peal the garlic onion and ginger and then pound them together . 3..Now , boil the zobo leaf for about 30 minutes . 4...When it is still on the fire , add the pounded garlic and ginger into the boiling zobo leaf and allow for some minutes . 5..Remove from the fire and sieve to remove leaf and other residue , and allow it to cool . 6..Add pineapple flavour . 7..Add coca cola flavour . 8..Add sugar and shake together . 9...lastly , put your zobo drink in a refrigerator to chill before serving it .

Now , your zobo drink is ready . Very easy and simple to produce with less stress . If you wish , you can package your product very well but if not , you can use plastic bottles . The only essential tool is the taste of your drink . That is why you need to be extra careful when mixing your ingredients . Watch the quantity of the water you put and also the sugar . These two things can spoil your zobo drink .

How do you sell it ? it is easy . You can employ small children who can carry it around to sell for you and you pay them at the end of the month . You can partner with shop owners and you will be supplying your product to them for them to sell it for you . Then you give them a certain commission at the end of the month . NOTE : Taste the drink before you sell it . You can as well give it to your friends to access it and know if it is good to sell to people . In zobo drink production , the essential tool is the taste . It will determine the number of people that will buy your product .



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