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Yogurt is produced by combining milk with a certain bacteria called " yoghurt starter culture " . Yogurt is loved and enjoyed by lots of Nigerians seeking for a smooth blend of healthy eating and refreshment.Yogurt is rich in protein,calcium,vitamins and minerals and whether consumed in pure or mixed form,they provide an excellent taste,they also serve as a rich nutrient source. Because yoghurt has a sour taste ,many people have a distate for it as pure yoghurt so it is combined with other unique substances,yoghurt can be sweetened by mixing it with unique ingredients like yoghurt flavor,sugar , colours and syrups before being sold.Yoghurts can be sold in both it's natural form and in when prepared with flavors.The materials for preparing yoghurt are readily available in Nigeria,skimmed milk,yoghurt culture,stabilizer and water. Yogurt is made primarily from milk,one litre of milk that sells for about 250Naira from a milk farm can produce ten 100ml bottles of yoghurt that costs 100Naira each,a profit of 750Naira exclusive of packaging and marketing cost. Most blends of yoghurt in the market today contains just about 30% active solids while the rest is a blend of sugar and flavors so investing in yoghurt production in Nigeria provides between 250 - 270 % returns after sales to the market. Recently,yoghurt consumption has been growing steadily in Nigeria with the product having an established market awaiting each new brand into the market. Nigeria has a huge market potential for yoghurt in the country.In addition,with a huge population of commodity buyers will buy for export.You can make more money selling yoghurt to an even larger market that is readily available. Investors should note,that as demand for yoghurt increases rapidly the market remains significantly short - supplied,this provides opportunity for willing investors to accrue profits by offering more yoghurt with good branding and unique additives for unique tastes. You don't need a huge savings to start up yoghurt production it is easy to start with little savings and as growth and income accrues,investors can inject back profits into the establishment of even more sophisticated production systems that will automate production processes,reduce cost in production and generate even more profits for the business.


1. Work on your packaging first,whether it's paper packed or plastics bottled yoghurt,visit the market and determine the right bottle for your product. 2. Choose veryattractive branding for your yoghurt produce,visit a printing/graphics designer and ask for a very attractive design for your brand,whether it's in packs made up of paper or just a polythene-label on a plastic container ensure to get very attractive sample for your yoghurt. 3. After the bottling and packaging,train yourself to produce small quantities,get a regular supplier for milk( skim milk powder ),sugar,stabilizer,starter of culture ( friendly-bacteria source ) and flavors,start small and as you become better increase the quantity. 4. Package your yoghurt after production and start selling your product to the market. The major ingredients for producing yoghurt which are milk and sugar which are readily and cheaply available in Nigeria so don't just read this article start a yoghurt production business today. Proper packaging is necessary in the business . A packaging company serves this purpose best, approach a product packaging company that manufactures plastic bottles or packed paper packs – a popular brand is TechPack Industries Limited. With as little as 100,000Naira you can buy your first sets of packaging material well-branded enough to use for your first product supply. In later stages,you may need to invest in equipment to more suitable equipemts,you will need a thermometer,pasteuriser A pasteurizer is basically an boiler that allows you to regulate temperature boiler and a good one can be purchased or built locally.You can get one supplied by local firms; seek a fabricator for counsel. Step 5: Get NAFDAC Certification Get a NAFDAC certification or plan for it.

This is important so make sure you put it into proper planning as you develop the framework of this business. Your first buyers are the people that surrounds you,visit schools offer discount for a start,visit place of functions,place of worship,small shops,convenient stores.Plan towards the brand management and sales and advertising before the product is even fully available for the market.For example, you could approach schools,canteens and offer them very attractive discount so they can begin ordering from you frequently drop your flyers in every place you visit . You can even hire a few salespeople who can be distribute and sell your commodity so they drop other brands and buy yours. Besides that you will need to have a market projection,from food vendors,eateries,canteens,convenient stores, government institutions and so forth.The sky is your limit,don't settle for less ! Building the brand image is key to the success of the business in the opening stages of the business build a name for yourself and make very astute planning so multiple buyers can stock your product as it hits the market.

How much capital do i invest ?

You can start without the pasteurizer and use around 100,000 - 200,000Naira total to set up around a production unit in small kitchen . However,planning to produce inlarge quantities requires a pasteurizer,the cost for the pasteurizer can be extracted from your first sales .It's imperative to make budget for provision of facilities for production.

What is my expected return ?

Using the financial model described above,you can project for a profit revenue of 250 - 270 % in profits.

Final Word

Start small,practice makes perfect,start little and watch the business grow. Go for it and give it your very best.



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