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Yam farming is a rewarding enterprise for any seeking investor, the gains are much. The reasons are not far fetched.Yam is one of the most popular meal in the local diet of over 80% of Nigerians. All over the country yam consumption is a regular part of Nigerian diet. Upon harvest yams are not prone to spoilage unlike other crops that begin to get spoil very quickly. Yams are durable and this durability gives a yam producer time to put things in place to do effective marketing for his or her produce.

It doesn't end here, it only begins here, generally today the average cost of a tuber of yam is 500naira in Nigeria while in North America, Europe and United Kingdom where market is beginning to open up for this commodity a piece of yam is sold at up to $12 in North America 8 Pounds in United Kingdom and 10 euros in Europe. The yam farmer has so many advantages because where for local or foreign market yam is a winner any time to produce and sell.

All over the country yams are a delight of the Nigerian families meal, from the high end of the society to thelowest class of society , because of this yams are consumed directly cooked,fryed,processed into flour for pounded yam flour, the skin is also sun-dried and grinded into fine flour consumed in the South West as Amala.Yams are prepared with palm oil into porridge, yams are eaten with vegetables or palm oil, they can be eaten with eggs, even the Asia and Pacific regions are beginning to eat yams as they do not produce the quality of yams we produce, Nigerian yams are wildly consumed and are popular because species grown in Nigerian are tasty and we have a popularity for being the highest producer of yams in the world.

Besides the gains listed above yams have healthy benefits as they contain starch needed for enzymes to perform their bodily functions, it helps the enzymes maintain overall vitality and health of the cells. Yams are good source of carbohydrates.

Nigeria is the largest producer of yams in the world with over 90% of the worlds production from Nigeria alone, but what are the financial benefits for the seeking investor ?


Yams can be produced, harvested and sold twice in a single farming calendar year. This implies double income for he seeking investor. An hectare of land can produce between 20,000 and 27,778 pieces of yams depending on spacing between ridges and quality of yams cultivated. Yams are planted on ridges along 1m by 1m distance, if this spacing is maintained enough ridges are made for 27,778 yams.6 yams are planted per heap mound and space is left at the center where stakes are placed to enhance proper develop of the crop once they start to grow. A ridge with several heaps can take up to 100yams ( A hundred meter ridge ). This means an hectare of land in a single season gives on the average 20,000 tubers of yam,if at wholesale cost a piece is sold at 200Naira,it means 20,000 tubers x 200 naira = 4 Million Naira per planting season and 8 Million Naira per calendar year.

Not many white collar job seekers make this huge sum.

Hurry now and join the band wagon of entrepreneurs profiting through yam production.

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