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Watermelon is arguably amongst the most consumed fruit in Nigeria today,consumed as a fruit,used in combination with other fruits to make smoothies and fruit juices.It is easily recognizable with it's conspicuous deep brown colored seeds,it is big

and round many times resembling a basketball,if not for it's green outer covering and smooth skin.It is succulent and tasty,not too sweet but sweet enough to keep both the young and old spell bound and leaves them constantly yearning for more;nutritionists and doctors alike encourage the consumption because it improves digestion of food - Many people see water melon as just that red-colored juicy fruit sold around the corner,but watermelon is much more,watermelon is a business.

The art of watermelon farming is formidable just as any other business today,it is widely consumed and the consumption of watermelon as it increases is way too bogus for the production in Nigeria today.If you doubt me,visit your local market today or take a walk between 5-6pm when the fruit vendors begin opening for business around street corners,every fruit-sellers display this fruit for sale,pushed in wheel barrows as they are sold off by their vendors,heaped in large big quantities to increase it's visibility and appeal to buyers on fruit shelves,water melon sales is so high every forward looking investor should not ignore,watermelon farming owes it's benefits to the high consumption of the fruit by everyone young and old,the elite and the common man.

The art of watermelon farming doesn't require a special set of skill,it can be grown throughout the entire country,if well irrigated it can endure the hot and dry climate in the Northern parts of the country;watermelons can be considered as a quick money earner because watermelons takes just 80 days to mature for harvest from the day they are cultivated which means within a period of three months you can begin to reap your financial gains once you make up your mind to become a water melon farmer.

Watermelon enjoys three planting seasons in Southern Nigeria early planting in March,a second season within June 20 - July 20 and a late season between 15 of August and 15 of September,on a well irrigated farm watermelon can be grown throughout the year without observing the weather.Tap into this business field today because as Nigeria prepares for increased local production,the government is likely to eradicate the importation of this fruit into the country as it is presently imported from countries like Chad,Niger,Benin and Togo.


Watermelon do not need excessive planning,similar to what other crops requires is what you need to get prepared for,lands,water source,herbicides,fertilizers and good source of quality seeds. Edible watermelon are grown from hybrid seeds sold at seed collection centers,growing watermelon from seeds scooped from the fruit bought in the market only produces a kind called pig melons that can only be consumed as an animal diet.

To begin farming water melon,ensure you get seeds from quality seed sellers,get your land prepared and make provision for water as water melons likes lots of space to grow,plenty of water and sunlight put it in mind though that watermelon are not difficult to grow.

Watermelon is not expensive to cultivate,planning should be made to secure a land,adequate water source ( depending on the season you intend to cultivate ),fertilizers and herbicides.It is important to treat the land while growing this crop to control pest and diseases and increase crop production,animal droppings like poultry waste can be used as they serve as a rich source off Nitrogen watermelon benefits from.

Growing watermelon in commercial quantity is not cumbersome and too capital intensive,the astute investor only needs to keep an eye for 90 days where the fruit will be ready for sales,an important aspect to consider is you don't need cutlass or

implements to harvest it,because they form vines during their growth,when they are ready for harvest,these vines naturally dry out exposing the fruit to be easily picked.

Another advantage is up to two weeks after harvesting,watermelon can stay without getting spoilt or rot,giving the farmer time to strategize for marketing the produce if an earlier marketing structure was not put in place.

Watermelon farming is highly profitable,five hectares of land produces one and half truckload of watermelon fruits,enough

fruits that after sales generates an income of 1 Million Naira.With just about 250,000Naira an investor can start a five hectares

farm,if a lesser output is desired for financial reasons an investor can start with 125,000Naira on a two and half hectares

farm.The R.O.I. is stable whichever the size a farmer intends to start,a whooping increase of 300% besides the initial investment.

You too can invest today in watermelon and start reaping bountiful returns on your investments,put in mind you don't need

elaborate marketing structures set in place because once you start,market sellers visit farms looking for this commodities to

buy even before they have fully mature for harvest.Don't lag behind join the community of small business investors today by

investing in watermelon and you will be very glad you did.

My final word of advice is this look no further if you seek quality investment to put your money into,invest in watermelon

farming today and stop the journey of the broke.



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