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Vegetables are an essential part of the Nigerian diet,it's usefulness to both Human and Animal life can not be over stated,all over the country from the North,South,East and West it forms a part of our daily intake,it's essential to consume vegetables as our cellular functions needs nutrients from vegetables for various metabolic processes,daily scientist discover new usefulness of several forms of vegetables,this has caused the younger generation to join the older generation in enjoying a very stable dose of it in daily diets,from nutritionists,doctors,pharmacists,and other mdeical professionals often recommend increased intake of vegetables if some symptoms are noticed in their patients,from lowering high blood pressure to stabilizing low blood pressure to reducing blood sugar and regulating blood hormones,it breaks boundaries that the elites and non-elites of the society find vegetable as an essence of their diets.

Vegetables can be consumed as fresh leaves or in form of it's fruit.We have different kinds of vegetables,some have their fruits consumed like tomatoes,pepper and cucumber,others have their leaves consumed like Pumpin locally called ugwu in ibo .Some are used in producing spice as soup ingredients while some are used by herbal doctors to prepare concotions for ailments.It is widely used in treating ailments like stomach sickness,worm expelling,even nursing mothers are administered mixed concotion to help them stay fit during pregnancy.
Examples of leafy,root and fruit vegetables popular in Nigeria are Pumpkin ( Ugwu in ibo language ),Waterleaf ( Gbure in yoruba language ),Bitterleaf ( Efo Ewuro in yoruba language ),Spinach ( Efo Shoko in yoruba language )Garden Egg plant leaves ( Efo Igbo ),Malabar Spinach ( Efo Amunututu in yoruba language ),African Basil or Secent leaf { Efirin (Yoruba), Nahianwu(Igbo), Daidoya(Hausa) },Wild Lettuce ( Efo Yanrin - yoruba ),African Spinach ( Efo Tete ),Lagos Spinach Efo Shoko ) Tomato,Pepper,Carrot,Cucumber eben Afang leave aka okazi popular amongst the Ibibio,Efik and Igbo tribes.

The rewards in growing vegetables are high becuase they have an increasing economic demand that is yet to be met.In few cases a few of the locally consumed vegetables are imported,restaurant chains,supermarket and big shopping mall don't enjoy regular supply for their demands that they have to import it.

The benefits for the investor seeking returns in vegetable farming is both yiedling and almost immediate regardless of the choice of vegetable one may have an interest in,many vegetables are due for harvest within 45-60days,a good amount of some others like Pumpkin can be harvested as they grow from as little as 2-3 weeks,the good news is the more these crops are grown the better yield they produce,and if well managed a single pumpkin plan as a case study can stay over 18months while continually bearing fresh needed commodities for the grower,this reduces the need to constantly have to replant.


Using Pumpkin ( ugwu ) as a case study,An hectare of land contain as much as 10,000 seeds of this plant.After cultivation each plant grows with a minimum of 8 branches filled with leaves per seed,as this branches are trimmed every 2 weeks they continue to grow more and more continually.A single hectare of this plant produces regularly every 2weeks enough vegetables to fill up 5 big buses every couple of weeks .Whether an investor is doing business with loan or not they provide an excellent medium to generate wealth for the investor.

An hectare of ugwu is capable of producing atleast 2-3 Million Naira yearly.

Pumpkin farming is very lucrative because stanby markets awaits product delivery,restaruants,supermarket chains,hotels,direct far produce markets.


Popularly eaten raw,garnished in salad,cucumber is fast becoming a basic part of the Nigerian diet,sold in street corners pushed in wheel barrows,in fridges in super market,they remain a hot pursuit for good diet lovers.They provide nutrients needed for clear and soft skin.

An hectare of this plant will fill up 4 moving trucks and is due for harvest within just 60days.

Cucumber isn't prone to rapid spoilage but needs to be handled with care to be best offered to the local market fresh.

So whether it's cucumber,lettucce,carrots,spinach,or even a mixture of vegetable for a mixed farm,with very cheap government owned lands made available for short term leasing,vegetable farming remains a profitable choice for the intending investor.Invest in vegetable farming today !



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