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TOURISM IN NIGERIA – AN IGNORED FINANCE EMPIRE Tourism is another ignored business which is worthy of investment . It is a business which if carefully harnessed , it will make you a millionaire . In Nigeria today , people like visiting tourist centers either to see something or for picnics . If you have been in a tourist center , you will discover that the owner of these places makes millions of naira monthly . People are always in those centers . You will not go to such places and find it empty . People are always in those places . Investing in tourism is a life time investment , one of the ignored financial empire that people does not know . Investing in tourism can lift you higher in life , it can change your financial life . To make money through tourism , you must know the following ;


Most people today use tourist centers as a place of rest and relaxation during family vacations or other vacations . You can invest in tourism by building tourist centers . Some of the tourist centers you can build include ; MEGA RESORTS : People like going to resort centers either for fun or for relaxation . You can use your resort center to host parties or birth day anniversaries . Mega resort owners make millions of money annually . They rent their resorts for weddings or other programs .

THEME PARKS AND EXPOSITION CENTERS : This is where people might meet for business or other interactions . It can be in form of fun or other things .

GAME AND GORILLA VIEWING : Here , you can add a viewing center to your tourist location and be making money through it .

NATIONAL PARK : Where people can come and do all kinds of exercise . It can be a recreational center where people can come for all recreational activities. Others include overland safaris , wild life conservation , museums or bar beach . Another thing is that it is a business which its activities is connected with providing a comfortable place for people who are visiting a place for fun .

Most of the tourist centers in Nigeria like ; obudu ranch , olumo rock , zuma rock , bar beach lagos , national park Abuja , oguta late and so many others make millions of naira monthly. You can still make such money by investing in your own tourist center . People pay thousands of naira just to host a party in a resort . The same thing is also applicable to zoo, people spend money just to go and see some wild life animals like lions , elephants etc. You can take a loan and invest in something like the listed things above . One thing that makes this business unique is that you don’t lack customers and it does not need too much marketing . Furthermore , tourism is something that people overlook . They think that investing on such business is a waste of resources which is not true .


Apart from making money from people that are coming for picnics , rest and relaxation , you can also use your tourist center to host birthday parties and other things. Hosting of these things in a tourist canter can generate massive revenue for you . People like hosting their birthday parties in a tourist center where the environment is cool and calm while others use it as a place of picnics or snapping of pictures


You can start this business today by acquiring a land in a developed area and then build any of the above listed tourist centers you want . You can let people know about your tourist center by advertising it in newspaper , social media or television . Is a business that don’t need much stress as you can employ people that will be working for you . Tourism is one of the major source of revenue for some countries in the world like dubai , Kenya etc. These countries make millions of naira through it so why not invest in this lucrative business . Remember that to be a successful business man and woman , you need to work hard in order to make your tourist center attractive to visiting people . In places like resort centers , you will find out that what draws people closer to it is the design and beauty of the resort center . People like going to places that are attractive as they find it as a good place to take pictures . So make your own to look good in the eye . Invest in this business and success will be yours



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