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Tomato production is a business you can run and earn a living . Tomatoes is what people use on a daily basis . It is a product which the demand is higher than the supplies . Tomatoes are costly in the market . Tomato is a product which an average individual can acquire and use it to cook . Tomato production is one of the easy ways of making money . It is one of the easiest way of making a living . You can go into tomato farming in order to earn a living . Tomato farming is easy to start . All you need is to get a farmland , plant your tomatoes and when it germinates , you apply your manure . When it reaches maturity which is about 4 to 5 months , you plug it and sell at the market . You can sell this product to companies that deal on tomato production too .

Tomato production business is a business in which many people are into . It involves a lot of carefulness . It is a business which passion is its driving power . You need to have strong passion for this business before you can start it . There are three ways you can earn in tomato business ;

TOMATO PRODUCTION : You can invest in tomato paste production business. It is a good way of earning money but it involves a lot of money for investment. You need a lot of capital to invest in tomato paste production. The good thing about this business is that you cannot run short of demand. You will always see people who would demand for your product or services. And marketing of this product is easy . You can market it with every possible means .

TOMATO FARMING : This is another way to invest in tomato business . You can buy a farmland and plant it tomatoes . When it matures , you sell it to people. This is what some people use to earn a living . This business is mostly done in the north. Countries like Spain earn huge revenue from tomato production or farming . They export these product and earn income . Some people are millionaire today through tomato farming. All you need to become millionaire in this business is to invest it in a bigger way. You can become an exporter of this product . You can also partner with companies who specialize on tomato production and you would be supplying your product to them and be making money. With the higher rate of demand for this product , you would be making huge income running this business .

SUPPLYING OF TOMATOES : You can serve as a middleman between companies and producers . In this case , you buy tomatoes from farmers and sell it to those that are into tomato production . It is a nice avenue to make money in tomato business . You would be buying it at a cheaper rate from farmers and be selling it at a higher rate to companies . You can also be a dealer of this product and be selling it to marketers at a higher rate . Tomato business can make you a millionaire if you understand the principles involved in this business .


This is business with a lot of advantages . It is a product you can be selling easily . One of the advantages include ; it is a business you can do at any location. It thrives in both rural communities and urban areas . It does not involve marketing as people will always look for your services . You don’t need to learn this business before you can start it.


One of the disadvantages of tomato farming is that it has a short expiry date . You need to have a good storage facilities in order to preserve this product so that it will not damage . And buying these storage facilities requires a huge sum of money . Also , you need finance if you want to venture into tomato paste production . One of the major challenges that farmer who are into this business face is controlling of pest and other harmful insects . If these insects infect your tomato farm , production would be very low . You may encounter some loses .And another thing is lack of good roads . There is no accessible roads to transport this product from the farm to the markets . That is one of the major disadvantages of this business. In conclusion , tomato farming is a business you can do as a family or as a group . You can do this business in order to improve the life of your children or use the profit you generate to fund your education .



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