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In the world today , entrepreneurs tends to be rich than certificate holders . Having done a thorough analysis of the list of rich people in the world , I discovered that the list is full of entrepreneurs . People that have toiled day and night in order to be successful . Now , I asked " how did they started ? " just like me and you , they started with low capital and today , they are the most famous people in the society . They started by producing something with low capital and from there , they started enlarging their business Success does not come easily . I see it as a product of hard-work and prayers . You cannot wake up in the morning and expect miracle . It is not possible . You have to work for it .

Firstly , you have to invest on something before that thing can yield the desired profit for you . If you fail to invest , you will not expect any miracle . Most of the rich men in the society invested all they have in order to be where they are today . They took the risk and survived .

Secondly , some people are willing to invest on something but they don’t know where to start . Now , your answer have arrived . Production of bathing soap is a good way to start . It will help you to boast your financial life . One unique thing about this product is that the demand for the product is higher than the supply . And you know that when the demand is greater than the supply of a product , that product will be easily marketable and people will always be looking for such product . And when people start looking for your product , success is bound to come .

Now , looking at the things that will make this production a reality ; -One of the major materials that you need in producing this bathing soap is caustic soda and it is measured in kg . - Another thing is caustic sillicate which can added with cup. -The third one is pure olive oil . You can add it with pure milk cup - Light ash . You can add it with spoon . - Another major thing is medicated essential oil . You can also add it with cup Others are harbal ingredients which you can add to your taste , colour which you can still add to your taste . And lastly , you need water . It is measured in cl . If you look closely at these materials , you will find out that they can be afforded at a cheaper rate and can be found in the market .

And in production of this soap , you don’t need to build a factory or rent a house in order to start . All you need is to define what you want , and start working towards it achievement . You have to be optimistic if you want to achieve your goal in life . You may have failed when you ventured into a particular business in the past , but I encourage you to try bar soup production business . Invest in it and watch how your hard work turn to joy .

To make it easier for you , let me state the procedures you need to take in order to produce this soap ; * Dissolve the caustic soda in water for 24 hours. Caustic soda is in solid form. - When you have dissolved the caustic soda in water for 24hours , you now mix the stated amount of pure olive oil with colorant and you add it to the mixture and stir it thoroughly . - Now add caustic silicate and stir . - After that , you add light ash and stir together . - Add also your herbal ingredient of choice and stir together . - Finally , add the medicated essential oil and turn the whole mixture very well .

- Now your soap is ready , you now pour it into the mould and allow it to solidify and you will have your quality bathing soup . It is very simple to produce .As an undergraduate or a graduate , you can start up this business at the comfort of your house . You don’t need bank loan to start producing it .

And after production , the next thing is how to package your product and sell it to people . Branding is another thing you have to think about . When you brand your product very well and the product is well packaged , you will see people rushing to buy your product . And you don’t need to carry it about to sell to people . You can start by selling it to people around you . Also , you can tell your friends about your product . Give them free for them to taste it . And before you know what is happening , the demand for your product will start increasing .

Look for so me that will give your product a good name and design . If the pack of your product is attractive, people will buy it t all cost . Note the difference between quality and quantity .Make your product to be of good quality . Let it be a product that people will be proud to get . Take precautionary measures when mixing your ingredients .

There is nothing that have advantage that does not have disadvantage , it depends on which one that is greater . Take the safety measure when mixing your materials . Don’t allow some of these materials to enter your mouth . And don’t keep this materials where children will see it or touch it . It is advisable to wear glove while mixing . So ,try and take the safety measures and success is yours...



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