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Potato farming is a good way to earn a living . It is an investment that does not require lots of capital. Potato farming is also an investment which can be done at any place . You can generate income through potato farming. Potato is rich in carbohydrate . It is a product which gives support to the body .Majority of people like this product as it is affordable at a lower cost in the market


Potato is mostly grown in the northern part of the country . Although , it can be grown at any place . Starting potato farming involves a lot of things which includes ; BUYING OF LAND : The first thing to do in this business is to buy a land . Getting a good land that is good for potato farming is the first step you can undergo in this business. After buying land , the next thing you have to do is to clear the land . Clear the portion you want to plant your potatoes PLANTING : Now , you plant your potatoes . It grows under the ground . So you have to dig ground before you plant your potato . This product have a maturity of 4 to 5 months . During this period , you can weed your farm anytime it grows grass . HARVESTING : After it has reached maturity period , you harvest your potatoes . Harvesting is done by pulling the roots up because it grows on root .

ECONOMIC IMPLICATIONS OF THIS BUSINESS The economic implication of this business is that it does not require much capital to start up with . You can always invest in this business with the little money you have . Maybe , in the future , you can then expand it to a large business empire . Also , you don’t need to pay anyone before you can start this business . You can invest in this business in rural communities where you would buy land at an affordable price . You don’t need to get a loan in the bank before you can invest in this business .


Earning through potato farming is easy if you know the things involved in this business . It is a business which does not involve too much stress . For you to earn through potato farming , you need to do a research on the following ; FEASIBILITY STUDY : You need to conduct a feasibility study on the land you are about to invest on Conducting feasibility study will help you to ascertain the type of land it is whether it would be good for this kind of business or not . TO FORM PARTNERSHIP / CO-OPERATIVE : This is another thing you have to ascertain before investing on this business . You need to know if you can invest in this business alone or whether you can go into partnership with someone . To form partnership /co-operative depends on how you want to invest in this business . You can form partnership with someone to invest in this business if you don’t have the financial capacity to start up this business .


You can earn through potato farming by selling your product to business men and women These are the people who specialize in frying of potato . You can also earn in this business by exporting your product . You can export it to countries that need it . You can also sell your product in the market . People are looking for this product which makes the demand for potato higher in the market . Potato farming can make you a millionaire within few months into it , if you invest your time in this business . You have to invest a lot of time in this business if you want to earn big through it . It is a business where you need to monitor your farm always and know whether your farm is in good condition or not .


In potato farming , it requires good road to move your product to the market . Lack of good accessible road can hinder the progress of this business . Farmers are faced with the problem of bad road . Lack of manure is another problem that farmers face . It is another factor that hinders the progress of this business . Farmers don’t have manure which they can apply to their farm so that their farms can yield good fruits . It is one of the major factor you can face in this business . Other things include ; chemicals i.e insecticides , herbicides . If you visit most of the potato farms , you will discover that these farms are attacked by all kinds of pest . If you want to invest in this business , you should think of a possible way to control pest from attacking your farm . In summary , potato farming is a business you can start doing . It survives in any location . All you need is to do adequate research about this product before you can start it . You don’t need to carry your CV to companies begging them to employ you , start potato farming today and rip the benefits embedded in agriculture



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