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Plantain Cultivation - Finally unvieled,Agriculture's Number one money spinning business.

From baby food formulation, baby mama's food formulation, processed flour,as a meal consumed by cooking eaten with oil, chewed directly after boiling, eaten as a fried food, plantain is a huge money spinning centrifuge. In comparism with other common diet consumed in Nigeria,it provides the highest revenue yield per hectare, this goes along to say with less productivity going into cultivating it,it is less prone to disease, unlike other crops where the seeds have to be sourced before each cultivating season, plantain is an auto-regulator for an agro-investor.It produces it's fruit and while it does that it produces another branch besides it to replace it after the main yields it's fruit and is disposed, it goes further to bear about 10-30more seedling attached to the parent tree that can be used in cultivation more sets of farm lands.

Plantain produces the highest number of new millionaires in the agro-investment sector, statistics testifies to this. At it's peak a bunch of plantain 2016 sold for as high as 12,000Naira,it dips to a yearly low of 6,000 naira per bunch. There is no end to the demand for this crop produce as it is being sourced in Europe,North America, Pacific and Asia,the international and local demands are channels for this crop to be produced and consumed in high numbers as the processing industries have taken note of this crop as a high nutritional source and for this reason it is blended, processed and added in many processed food products now.

Plantain has many reasons to be ranked as a top money making crop, it isn't prone to disease so much that an entire farm land of it would be wiped away. After cultivation, labor isn't intensive anymore, routines have to be set in place in form of weeding, manure application, removing excess plantain per stand all of these are not daily activities but exercises that only needs to be carried out in 60- 70 days interval..

Plantain is a very durable crop to cultivate because once it grows and produces broad leaves the leaves covers the ground preventing weeds access to sunlight inhibiting the growth of weed, this special crop doesn't stop there, it injects herbicides itself into the ground that further weakens the ability of weeds to grow well within close proximity. It is a super crop. It produces a fruit that yields in a 10 months cycle. Each bunch contains about 20-30 fruits per bunch. It is known to weigh averagely 60 -75kg.

Any serious entrepreneur can not afford to overlook plantain as a stable source of income, even if the source of income is a loan with medium term servicing, plantain guarantees stability of the investor and ready market is always available for this crop.On a visit to plantain market in Mushin,Ajah and Ketu one common thing is noticed about plantain, as early as 6am sales starts and as early as 10.30am sales is sold, over six 30'feet container of plantain was sold regularly daily at each market location yet supply each daily didn't meet the demand, when buyers come to buy by noon, they are told the produce is finished and have to wait or sleep at the market for the next day's sales.


One hectare of land can be used to cultivate 1250 stands of plantain. Note plantain prices oscillates between 6,000Naira low and 12,000Naira as peak yearly,if a 20% discount applies as wholesale price this means in just one season an investor should look for gains between 6 - 12 Million Naira yearly.

The reward is huge, the benefits are so high you won't want to consider another investment alternative. Hurry up and invest today in Plantain farming today



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