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Today , the economy is so bad that the rate of unemployment is so high . As a graduate , you are left with the option of looking for a way to survive .You have to look for something that will be generating income for you . Like i usually say ,perfume production is one of the lucrative business that is worthy of investment . Majority of people buy up to 5 different perfumes in a week . Perfume production is a business which you can start with low capital and earn big with it . You don’t need to take any loan before you can start perfume production business. Someone may ask about how to get a shop or rent a house in order to start up the business . You don’t need any shop in order to venture into the business . You can start perfume production business at the comfort of your house .

Now , these are the materials or the things for perfume production business . Firstly, too much materials are not needed in order to produce a standard perfume of high quality . All you need is a Raw perfume/essential oil , alcohol , glycerine and colour . Now , lets know what these materials are all about and their work .

RAW PERFUME/ESSENTIAL OIL : It is the main fragrance . There are other types like ; caprice , vanilla ,passion ,seduction ,mallizia ,happiness ,212, Casablanca . ALCOHOL : It is also in different types like ethanol or methanol .etc. NOTE: When you go higher in the homologous series of alcohol , you will discover that it will be more volatile . Like for example , ethanol is more volatile than methanol . etc . So , how volatile your perfume is will depend on the type of alcohol used .

GLYCERINE : It acts as the odour retainer . Sometimes , you spray perfume and within some minutes , you discover that the perfume is no longer smelling on your cloth . It is the glycerine that causes it . It makes the perfume to last longer on a surface , i.e your cloth or skin .

NOTE : Excess glycerine will make your cloth oily . COLOR: Sometimes , it is advisable not to add colour to your perfume as it may stain your cloth . So it is good to leave your product in its natural form .

Now , having listed the materials and their work , the next thing is packaging . You can get your plastic or glass bottles from dealers in the market . It depends on the size you want . And also package your product very well . People like buying things that are attractive in the eyes . The way you package your perfume will determine yours output . Package your product in a way that it will be attractive to people .

Someone may ask " who can invest in this business " . Well , the answer is simple . Everybody can invest in this business . Whether you are a student or a working class person , you can invest in this business . There is no age restriction to those that can invest in this business . Now , talking about marketing . How do I market this my product ? one thing is producing and another is marketing it to the final consumers/user. You can sell your product in campus or you can partner with shop owners who will be given a certain commission on any sales they make . Or you can also promote your product through social media and other places .

Now , these are the procedures you can take when producing; . 1...Measure the amount of glycerine to taste . 2..Add the stated amount of alcohol to it and shake vigorously . 3. Add the stated amount of essential oil , shake also and allow for 24 hours . This will enable the full fragrance to come out .

Now taste the perfume on your skin . It should be mild on skin . I.e not harsh .

NOTE : If you measure equal amount of alcohol with the raw perfume , it is like 1:1 . Example , 20ml of raw perfume and 20ml of alcohol . Otherwise , 1:2 is 20ml of raw perfume and 40ml of alcohol . etc . Your measurement will depend on the quality of the perfume you want to produce and also the size you are producing . Like in the procedure that i used in producing the perfume above , Raw perfume / essential oil is 20ml , Alcohol is 20 or 40ml , glycerine is 5ml and colour is to your taste . So the quantity of materials you add will depend on the quality and size you are producing ..........You can give your friends the perfume to rate the quality for you .

And another thing you have to note is the safety measures you have to take while producing this perfumes You know that alcohol is highly inflammable so you have to handle it with care . And also cover your hand when producing these perfumes Monitor your product while producing to avoid un necessary mistakes. Avoid all forms of distractions that may come from people around you . Remember to use a very nice fragrance that have lovely smell which people will be willing to buy . Stay in a cool dry place when producing your perfume .

Lastly , don’t look at what people might say to you at this initial beginning . Be focused and optimistic and you will see that the end product of your hard-work will be success .....thanks



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