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Investment In Palm Oil
Investment In Palm Oil

Oil Palm Production in Nigeria

Palm oil is a highly valuable commodity in Nigeria and it is widely available and highly demanded for both locally and in the international market.

The palm tree is a bi- annual producing plant and the palm nut has a wide range of use. First is the palm kernel which is a bye product of the palm fruit from which red oil is manufactured.

The process of manufacturing palm oil goes in three stages. After harvesting and separating the fruit from it's bunch, it is being washed and cleaned then prepared to be cooked.

After cooking then comes the grinding and processing. Already boiled palm nuts are mashed up in a machine after which it's grinded and the nuts are separated from it's musk.

Then comes the second part of the production process, When then viscous product is being boiled again for the second time and the oil is then processed and separated from the waste product.

Palm kernel is also a bye product of oil palm produce. Palm kernel on it's own part is being produced by cracking the nuts and separating it from the Shell. The nuts are then processed into Palm kernel oil which happens to be one of the most valuable oil.

The nuts and shaft can also be burnt and made into Soda ash which is a valuable commodity in soap making and other industrial products.

Suffice it to say, Oil palm production in Nigeria is a goldmine of opportunity for both investors and farmers.

The palm fronds in itself is also trimmed and made into broom sticks which is locally valuable and high in demand for the purpose of house cleaning.

Palm trees are nursed BY THE NIGERIAN INSTITUTE FOR OIL PALM RESEARCH. Oil palm nurseries can be gotten there for planting. They also provide different varieties of Palm tree for various purposes.

As an Investor in Oil palm production, one would also have to figure out how to source for land. With the help of the various ministry of Agriculture or river basin authorities, access to a large expanse of land could be very easy.

Planting of Oil palm seedlings could also be a very herculean task. However, laborers are very much available and at affordable rates. A 10 acre oil palm plantation for instance could be handled by up to five active workers with an oversea or manager as well as harvesters, transporters and the processing plant operator.

Large scale Oil palm production could vary according to the size of investment. There are farms that can accommodate as much as 100 hecters. Such a large scale farm production would require up to several scores of farm workers and laborers.