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Investing in the Chicken Poultry Business
Investing in the Chicken Poultry Business

Investing in the Chicken Poultry Business

Whomever tells you that agriculture is a money mine is doing you a lot of good by letting you in this secret that is lost on a lot of people, even though it is right there under their noses. Agriculture has always played a very important role in human existence, survival and development and this enough should inspire you to do business in a field such as agric. Of the various money making ventures that you can focus on to start smiling to the bank, one of the most lucrative is poultry farming. In simple agriculture, poultry farming is simply the rearing of a specify kind of bird/ birds for commercial purposes. Poultry is one of the mist booming areas in which you can set your money to work in and with the proper practices and know-how, your pockets might be too heavy to carry for you in a while due to the massive returns posed. As it stands already, the market has a very huge demand for products such as chicken meat and turkey meat and supplies get sold out on a daily. Factor in the amount of restaurants that you know that serve these birds too, not to talk of the various parties, gatherings, get-togethers or even religious celebrations that are deemed incomplete without the use of chicken (or turkey) and you would start to have a pretty good idea of how big your market base can really be. You might even be discouraged when you look at the amount of people that are already in the business but you should remember that we are not capable of meeting the ever increasing supply for bird meat in the country, so much that we even import frozen products from other countries. This means that there is still space for one more serious investor in the market. You do not need to be an expert to success fully invest in poultry farming and gain maximum returns. All you need is to get the basics, have a commitment and dedication to the business and you would be rewarded in due time. So, to become a poultry farmer/ poultry farming entrepreneur, what steps should be taken?

There are various poultry animals out there that can be taken and used to start a farm such as the snail chicken, duck, turkey and the likes but this article would place emphasis on how best to start with the regular chicken. The first thing you need to know is that there are different categories of chicks that you could have in your poultry being the broilers, the layers and the cockerel. Cockerels are very tough in terms of strength and would withstand very harsh weather conditions where other birds might fail. Their resilience is top notch and are mostly raised to hatch eggs into chicks. Layers, on the other side, are bred to lay eggs as their name have implied. From around the first 11 weeks of their lifespan, these birds would have been able to lay eggs on a daily basis. As time goes on, the frequency with which they lay the eggs would increase to a very high level but then drop off again after they hit their peak and start to decline, usually due to age. Last but not the least is the broiler chicken which is raised mainly to satisfy the consumer’s need for meat. Broilers need a lot of food as this is hat would breakdown to form the overall meaty mass in their body. From around six to eight weeks after hatching, broilers would have already been in prime condition for consumption. Now that you have known about your birds, what do you do?

1. Capital Before the start of your business, determine the amount of capital you want to start with and how far you want to go into the investment at first. To operate a successful poultry farm on a small scale, you would need about #70,000. This budget is placed on an average of 50 birds per time and you would not need a space bigger than your own backyard. A medium scale entrepreneur would be looking at a budget of around #500,000 – #5 million, covering costs of land, building and other operational expenses. For a large scale investor however, advanced poultry farming techniques will be used in line with latest technology and could cost well up to 10 million naira. Choose where you fall wisely and land accordingly for expansion.

2. Area of Concentration Given the various bird products out there, it might help to choose an area of specialisation to better improve your business faster. You could decide to rear your birds for their meat (in which case you would have more broilers) or for the eggs (concentration on layers). This kind of specialisation is especially important for small scale businesses as it focuses on one aspect to yield returns while others can be developed at later times. A medium and large scale enterprise may however decide to go for all since they have the means to do so.

3. Buy your chicks. Of what use is establishing a poultry without chicks, right? This is the point where your buy your chicks for whatever reason you have highlighted from step 2 above. It is important that you buy day-old chicks and these go for different prices ranging from #140 to #200on the average. The amount to be bought at once would depend on the holding capacity that you have on ground for them. Your poultry would not be complete without additional materials such as feeders, drinkers, battery cages, perches, crates, waste disposal systems and a whole lot of other poultry equipment to begin with. You would also need to gear yourself up with poultry management boos to stay abreast with latest trends.

The rest is just simply like clockwork. You could employ some hands to help you keep an eye on things, ensure your birds are fed regularly and in the case you have layers, the eggs are picked on time. You should call in a professional to help you evaluate things from time to time. A vet doctor routine visit would also do your birds a lot of good and keep them in the best of health. When the time comes to sell, your birds would simply be making you happy.