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Successfully establishing and running a Piggery
Successfully establishing and running a Piggery

Successfully establishing and running a Piggery

Owning a pig farm or piggery is a very huge deal due to the globally high demand for pig meat. In the agricultural sector, piggeries are one of the ways in which investors realise their money and get rich fast. Trust me, piggeries are a very fast way of realising good money if you know what you’re doing and you are passionate about it enough. In Nigeria alone, this business idea is becoming more and more profitable by the hour and a lot of entrepreneurs – both young and old – are rushing into it. You might be wondering what makes it a great venture and why it is so productive. Well, for one, a female pig can produce up to 15 piglets after reproduction and this promises you a very fast increase of your farm size. By far, pigs are the most reproductive animals reared on farms. Also, they reproduce more than once a year and with a single female pig, imagine the joy of having at least 25 pigs before the year runs out if it reproduces at the rate of 12 piglets twice in one year. Pig meat (pork) is also a special delicacy that is served in a lot of local and international restaurants so you have another market in the edibles market. Various other by-products of pig such as their skin is also valuable in making stuffs such as football (yes. Pig bladder is used). What do you need to do to successfully be among the entrepreneurs making it big from this agribusiness?

1. Get a suitable land Pigs can be reared on farms, true, but that does not mean that just any land is good enough to rear your pigs. The size of the land you would be acquiring would depend on how much pigs you want to rear or if you’ve got future prospects integrated into your business plan, you might be looking for a land that would hold the intended number of pigs that you wish to rear in the nearest future. Consider the fast and mass reproduction rate of the pigs before choosing the land also so you don’t end up cramping them all up in a small space. It is advisable that you pick a land that is far away from any areas of residence. Also, splitting your land into various sections is important to help you rear pigs that fall into different age ranges differently. Keep in mind that there must be adequate supply of freshwater to the piggery, good transportation system, proximity to food and closeness to market to ensure you having a smooth business.

2. Selection and Purchase of Pigs Profits making on pigs would depend solely on your ability to choose proper piglets for rearing. There is a lot of choice pigs to be chosen from with the number of local and hybrid piglets available to you. For commercial reasons such as yours, it would be advisable to go for breeds that have been crossed between the local and the exotic breeds. This would ensure that they have stronger immune system, develop better, have better feed to meat conversion ratio and in short, hold all of the good features of both parents from either sides. The crossbreeds eat a lot more than other breeds but their growth rate is stunning and they have higher immunity to diseases than their local counterparts. If available, try to make purchases of pregnant pigs as they are a faster and cheaper way to increase the size of your farm.

3. Farm housing Housing is a big and veryimportant project to be considered when farming pigs. Like humans, pigs are very sensitive to changes in weather conditions and if exposed, can be adversely affected. A good housing system for your pigs would ensure that they start warm enough during the cold season are not exposed to the direct blasts of heat waves during the hot season. It would also protect them against elements of weather such as wind and rainfall. Pigs have been known to take seriously ill and even die due to the problem of improper housing. As you are in the business to make profit and not record the number of pig deaths that you have had, with a good house having great ventilation system, you would be doing your pigs and your business a huge favour. Let the pig houses have enough space for their feeding and sleeping. Pigs are fond of dry beds so make sure that their bedding places remain dry at all times. Sanitation measures should be put in place to act against any sort of infection that could arise from dirt in the house. A good drainage system, lighting and sanitation system would keep your pigs in great condition.

4. Feeding your Pigs Your pigs would certainly come out better if you give them nutritious and satisfying meals at all times. Basically, a pig’s food consists of roughages, garbage from the kitchen, agricultural wastes etc. You could also get stalks from beverage companies and use them to feed your animals to keep them even more healthy. Good food ensures the good health of your pigs and keeps them in prime condition. With good food, they will grow at the needed rate and at a much faster pace than otherwise. By giving them highly nutritious meals from time to time, you are actually also saving a lot on the fees you would have paid to a vet because good food keeps them healthier and less prone to diseases. Your pigs can eat meat too and do not deprive them of grains. Actually, pigs are very big fans of corn and you can spice up their meal with some cornmeal from time to time.

5. Breeding The female pigs (sow) usually take in twice in a year and for every birth, produce nothing less than a whooping ten piglets at a time. That is a least of 20 pigs getting added to your total stock yearly by just one single female pig. The gestation period comes in at about four months (115 days) and the young ones would be fed from their mother’s breast till they are old enough to be weaned.

You can decide to sell your old pigs for meat both in the local and international market. Asian countries are big on pork consumption with China topping the list of countries having a high affinity for this delicacy. There is a lot of ground to be covered and money to be made. How about you start now?