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Manicure is a cosmetic treatment of the hands . It may be shaping of the nail or painting of the finger nail. It is also the removal of cuticles and softening of the skin. Manicure business is also another business you can invest in . It is a business done by men who move from one place to another looking for customers who would need their services . Even women are also into this business , they rent shops where they run this business . This business can also be done at a shop where people who need your services can come and clean their finger nails .


There are so many advantages of this business . Some of these advantages include; - You don’t need to market your business . In this business , there is nothing like marketing . You carry your tools around to streets , residential buildings or hostels to look for people who need your services . You are not going to pay anyone to market your business for you . What will market your business is your style of cleaning peoples finger nail . If your customers are pleased with the level of your services and how you clean their finger nails , they will always look for you . They will invite you the next time you are around the area . - Also, you don’t need a bank loan to start up this business . This is a business you start with small money and earn big in the long run. In manicure business , renting shop is a choice . Some people might choose not to rent a shop while others may choose to rent a shop. It depends on what you budgeted for this business . If your budget is low , you can choose not to rent a shop . Then you can walk around the streets looking for customers . This business can be done at per time basis . It depends on your choice .


One of the major disadvantage of this business is that it cannot be done on every location . Running this business in remote villages may not generate the income you need . It is mostly run in urban areas or in universities where you get lots of customers . Another thing is that this business may involve stress. You move from one location to another looking for customers if you do not have a shop where you stay. And it is a business which depends on customer satisfaction . You must do everything possible to satisfy your customers at all cost . If you fail to satisfy your customers , they may run away from you . In addition , you may get infected if you don’t protect yourself very well in this business You have to be careful when doing this business . You have to protect yourself and also your customers when doing this business to avoid accident . You may ask ;

How do I earn through this business ?

Well , this is a question that people have asked themselves . They believe that the income they would earn through this business cannot sustain them or meet up with their daily need . Some people think that investing in this business is a waste of time . They believe that you cannot generate profit in this business . Now , let’s assume that you earn #1,500 daily in this business and you spend #500 , you would have #1,000 as your profit in that day . If you work for 6 days in a week , you would be earning #6,000 in a week . If you multiply it by 4 , you would be earning #24,000 in a month . This is a good income for a start in this business . This is the least money you can earn in this business . You can earn above that when you start building reliable customers . Furthermore , you can also invest in this business in a bigger way . How would you do so ? You can employ people who would be working under you . All you need is to rent shops in different locations and put people in it that would be working for you or you can send your employers to the street to earn money for you through manicure business . All you need is to buy the materials needed for this business and give it to them. You can also partner with people who are into hair dressing and you would be staying at their shop and be doing this business . Hair dressing saloon is another place you can get your desired customers for this business .It is a place where you would see people who would trim their nails or clean it .



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