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Investment In Laundry Soap Is A Goldmine!
Investment In Laundry Soap Is A Goldmine!

Investment In Laundry Soap Is A Goldmine!

Soap production is a highly rewarding business, soaps sells fast and the production of soap is requires low capital to start up.Start ups for soap production can be as low as 50,000 Naira.Furthermore,it does not require electric power or expensive equipment.

Not everyone can afford to buy a car but everyone needs soap and as thus must buy one every now and then !

Today large amounts of soaps and detergents are consumed all around the country,the growing desire to be neat, tidy and clean is becoming a money spinner as opportunities to produce soaps meets with a rapid and ready market for soaps.

The financial returns on soap production is amazing people who already produce it will fight to keep it a secret. You too can join this small group of entrepreneurs smiling to the bank daily from revenues accrued by producing soap.

The rush for soap is a big boost for soap production , after the basic needs of human life on earth, commodities like soap are a daily necessity for every human whether hygienic or not , soap is a basic need for everyone. Your product will never run short of demand and as you improve on the quality by adding perfumes and other additives you can compete with the very best in the industry.

A N50,000 worth of raw chemicals will produce up to 750 litres of soap. If sold at N200 per litre, that fetches you N150,000 ( 300 % R.O.I ) With good packaging, you could sell at N300 per litre and make N225,000 ( 450 % R.O.I ) from your N50,000 soap formulation!

With very good marketing, if you are able to repeat this process 10 times in a month, that should fetch you an amazing income, it means if you invest say 250,000 Naira the financial output on this investment will fall within a range of 750,000 Naira and 1,125,000 Naira monthly,from the profit the first production generates you can afford to bus a bus,and other equipment to facilitate seamless production and distribution of your produce just like Mr. Innocent Melvin who interview is below.

A scientific knowledge about very technical measures aren't needed to become an entrepreneur in this field. I know this because i interviewed Innocent Melvin,a secondary school drop out who decided to turn his savings he earned as a pharmacist attendant into a business and within 2 years of production in the line of business produces 120,000 bars of soap valued at 25naira per bar soap.Yes,Innocent now makes 3,000,000 Naira Monthly from the production of bar soaps.He produces 120,000 bars of soaps monthly. He used his 200,000 Naira savings to start up a soap making business from the back of his house, today he has relocated to the metropolis and is living a life of his dreams from his soap production business.


Steps on producing soaps – The Basics

Making soap isn't complex.

It becomes part of you if you do it again and again. It’s an interesting mix of ingredients; oils, fragrances, colours, shapes, sizes and textures.

Depending on the kind of soap you want to produce, you can add herbs,perfumes and other substances to achieve the right blend for your desire.

In the world of soap making, the soap produced can vary based on the composition . Soap recipes can be changed to get a unique selling brand for your soaps.

Soap production is a science which involves some basic chemistry,it's not difficult, don’t be afraid . Soap is made by adding fats and oils with a chemical compound Sodium Hydroxide.In simple terms it is the product of the mixture of fats and soda.

Common household oils have been used in soap making, they act as a base ingredient in soap making technique. Each oil derives it's unique identity from it's source and because of it's uniqueness produces unique soaps if different oils are used to make soaps. For example, coconut oil, produces soap that lathers ( foams ) well. Soaps derived from Olives are known to produce good moisturizing soaps.


Now that we've identified oils are base to use in soap making, let's not forget about Caustic soda ( a source of Sodium Hydroxide ). It looks like camphor with a slippery feeling,it is a substance that easily dissolves in water. It is sold freely. It is known in the local market as kaffra.It leaves a moist feeling upon touch with the hands. However, I must warn you that this chemical is very corrosive. Do not touch it,ensure you wear gloves while handling it , it could cause serious burns !

Besides Fats and Oils, Caustic soda,the other basic requirements for making soaps is water. The other ingredients called additives are only necessary because of the kinds of soap you want to produce.

To make soaps you need just oils,soda and water.


First put on a goggles in form of a face mask because the mixture of Caustic soda and water releases heat and some gases you need to keep your face from in order to avoid breathing these gases.

To make soap, due to the high corrosive ability of Caustic soda, you need a metallic drum and a stirrer to keep your hands far from the mixture. The mixture of the Caustic Soda,Water and Oil is poured into the drum and stirred continuously until a smooth blend is produced, it should be noted that this mixture produces heat and gases,in the end it leaves a hot viscous liquid. After stirring ,the mixture is poured into soap moulds and allowed to cool ( soap moulds are metallic or wooden shapes for the soaps ).

The soaps are trimmed with knife to ensure their edges are smooth, wrapped into their packaging and can be sold to the market.

Practice makes perfect with soap making so after the basic production of soap described above, try again with different kinds of oils, add scents and perfumes to get different soap formulation and the world will beg for your soaps.



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