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Juice production is the next big thing. Everyone in Nigeria wants to consume very good, tasty and affordable juices these days in the country .A combination of events in Nigeria is responsible for the success of this young and vibrant industry, first fruit sellers are seeking new markets for their fruits, secondly fruit sellers are trying to reduce risks from spoilage. It is the right combination that provides the entrepreneur with the tools and the leverage for good bargaining for juice production.

A fruit juice well packaged will be bought at all levels of the society as the market woman who sells under the burning heat of the afternoon sun would seek refreshment to cool off from the heat, the kids going to school needs rich source of vitamins and minerals to build an active and sharp minds which juice contains in large amounts. The board of directors meeting at an annual general meeting always have their tables decorated recently with packaged fruit juice,birthday parties,occassions and functions are not left out. The channels to sell fruit juice is beyond the scope of a small text, it’s too big to begin to write it on a small piece.

From the desire to be healthy and trim, more and more people are turning from carbonated drinks to fruit drinks, because it provides the benefits of relaxation, enjoyment and satisfaction. Over 30% of Nigeria's present 170 Million population consume fruit juices on a regular basis. Whether it's packed in small sachets of 50 naira or packaged in 500 naira packages a regular market awaits your product once they hit the market. Nigeria benefitted from the present economic outburst from the ban of foreign imported juices over the past 12 years. It is no wonder Coca-cola paid over 200 Million dollars to buy a 40% stake in one of Nigeria's present fruit juice producers.

Fruits can be easily purchased from the rural parts of the country and processed for juice. Fruit juice production isn't rocket science and with a little guidance from us buckle your seat belt and get ready to join the fruit production industry


Invest in fruit juice production today.

All fruit juices have water has a base for their packaging, which means for example, a 1 litre bottle of fruit juice may contain about 60 - 70 % water, while the rest is made up of preservatives,stabilisers and concentrates. It means for a fruit juice that sells for 100 Naira because just about 30% is active ingredient it would cost between 35 and 40 naira to produce each bottle. Yes ! 55 - 60 Naira in profits per bottle.

Quality fruit juice is the new pure water in the Nigerian market and the demand for it is quenching.


The fruit juice industry isn't capital intensive, from the sales of the first sets of production more equipments can be purchase and used to run the next phase of the business with reduced stress. First ingredient needed is stable source of fruits, from the fruit markets to the rural communities where the fruit trees are grown there is a huge base for fruits to be purchased from as producers are also constantly seeking for buyers to buy even at credit so they can avert spoilage.

- The Business Plan - Visit a local market like Ajah or Mushin Olosha Fruit Market,Mile 12 Market and as for fruit sellers association have a talk with them that you wish to buy fruits so they can have reduced spoilage and increased patronage, identify the fruits you want, you may choose to make a mixture of fruits so you can collect a wide range of fruits from pineapples,mangoes,oranges,tangerines,coconut etc. set a date of collection, or make an agreement so they deliver the fruits to your door step.

- Plan ahead choose the bottling or packaging style you want and get it set. The brand plays a role

- Establish a distribution framework, speak also to market vendors open a website for the business advertise for marketers even before you begin production, make a short T.V ad to start marketing the brand.

- Get workers or extra hands to have the fruits peeled to exposed the inner fruit.

- Fruit juice processor and sealing machine is needed. After the extracts have been collected,stabilizer,preservatives and sugar is added and channeled to the sealing machine that seals each product and sorts them into trays ready for the market.

Remembersecuring NAFDAC Approval is the first step to take as NAFDAC has to proof read your enter operational systems before you commence, for example NAFDAC has a specified drilling process that must be set in place for water used in fruit juices, certification must be obtained and water has to be tested and treated and pass NAFDAC clearance before you can start full swing in producing juices.

Machinery required for fruit juice production

- Source of water - Water storage systems - Water high pressure pump - Water filter ( Setting up a 3-5 osmotic system for water purification may be necessary ) - Water collecting tank - Fruits processor or Juice blender - Juice blending and treatment tank along with sealing units - Sugar mixing components ( comprises of melting tank,filter,vacuum De - aerater,storage tank, sterilizer, heating and cooling tank ) - Bottling machine system ( comprises of bottle unscrambler,air conveyor,sterilizer,auto washing and capping units,bottle cooling units,labelling machine )

Don't bother too much about technicality in setting the equipment up as the equipments can be easily assembled anywhere in Nigeria.

The following outlines are the basics in fruit juice production business.

Remember it may seem to be tasking but the rewards are high compared to the investment on the long run.



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