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This is another prestigious business that one start. It is another business with huge profit . And the unique thing about this business is that you would see your profit with your own eyes. It is one of the daily business you can do .

Food canteen can be in the form of selling all kinds of food . Although that you will see mostly women in this kind of business , but as a man , you can still start up this business to increase your finance. You can still open this business at any location . It is not limited for a particular location . A research on this business shows that people that are into this business make more than 30,000 in a week .

If you visit a food canteen shop , you will also learn that the place is always full. You will see people in those shop .It is a business that you will choose the hours that you will run this business . Although, most of the people that are into this business , run it in the morning .

Why do they run this business in the morning ? They run it in the morning so as to attract early morning customers . That will be when they will have huge customers . Most of their early morning customers are those that are going for early morning work or shop owners . They tend to stop at a food canteen shop to eat or buy food they would eat in the office . This business is not only limited to only in the morning , you can still run it on a 12 hours basis i.e from 6am to 6pm . And running this business at 12 hours interval can still give you the needed profit you want .

Where can i open a food canteen shop ? Well , I can tell you that you dont need a specific location for this business. You will be shocked at the money some local food canteen owners make in a week . They make huge income on a daily basis . You can start this business at any location and start making your money . Another unique thing is that everything about this business is all about "choice" . You choose where you want to open your shop , you choose what to sell and you also choose the time you can run this business .

As the economy is going down , working class individuals find it difficult to cook . They rather eat in a food canteen shop. And another factor that makes it great is the high cost of food commodities in the market . A pot of soup is not less than 1,000 at this present economy and calculating the stress you will pass through in cooking food , you will prefer to buy food at a canteen shop .

Other things is that you can partner with companies and be supplying food for them . You can still employ people that will be assisting you in this business .

Food canteen business is a business that can thrive at any location . Both in urban and rural areas too. WAYS OF MANAGING A FOOD CANTEEN SHOP This is a way of knowing your profit and loss . Effective management of a food canteen can increase your financial life while non- effective management of a food canteen can create a vacuum in your financial life . All my research over the years , i have discovered that some food canteen flourish while others remain stagnant . Why is it so ?

The answer is not too far . Some food canteen owners have failed to take good care of their customers . They are always harsh to their customers And they have failed to apply the principle of self discipline and modesty to their customers . For you to make it big as a food canteen seller , you must learn to be friendly to your customers . This principle is one of the major magics to apply to your shop if you want it to grow .

In conclusion , food canteen business is an avenue to increase your daily earning . You can start it any where . It does not need marketing . All you need is to carry your food around and sell to people at a rate that will benefit both your buyer and you that is selling it . Don’t look at what people would say about you as success does not look at peoples face



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