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A good investment opportunity in Nigeria is Egg Distribution, Yes ! Egg Distribution - Kick start your journey into millions today

Eggs are major source of protein for the Nigerian family, highly nutritious and affordable, they are increasingly fitting into our diets as a compulsory food.

Eggs have stabilized into the content of the Nigerian diet as a regular part of our meals. Each day it's very difficult to think how we can avoid consuming egg whether as a whole food or in one food form or the other, trust me let's examine the details together for better appreciation. Eggs are consumed fried or boiled or even baked in rolled flour as egg-rolls. Lots of people consume this prior to a regular meal after a stressful day to fill the stomach as they await a well served meal after a stressful work day.

Eggs are consumed on large scale by kids in combination with noodles' it's in the adverts they watch daily hence they demand a daily dietary component with eggs serving a part.Confectionary,snacks and food processing industries snacks use eggs in their food production, cakes biscuits,snacks,chinchin.flour-baked food items all contain eggs.

Egg distribution for a country with a huge population like Nigerian is an herculean task,scarcity of eggs continue to manifest greatly in different parts of the country - Hence,opportunity for opportunity seekers to key into and tap the shallow reservoirs of this profitable venture.The distribution of eggs is in high demand with the demand for it.You can imagine Chinyere Okafor an egg distribuot in Ilupeju,Lagos,she bought 100 crates of eggs for her weekly distribution only to discover it last 3days not even half her timeline projection.Thus she had to leave her business to get renewed supply for the rest of the week.

Thus,the egg distribution industry is crying for more willing investors to invest and reap huge gains.Unlike other businesses where getting a shop at costly rate is necessary,word of mouth,visit to neighborhood malls,supermarkets,market women are very good source for selling your eggs.New and new supermarkets,malls,convenience stalls are opening on daily basis.


- Take stock of new shops,super markets,convenience stores in your area and on other areas when you go out,take a pen write down addresses speak to shop owners about becoming their supplier.Offer the incentive to supply directly to their shops so they don't have to close their businesses in search of eggs to purchase.

- Itemise and make sure you get new sources to market your eggs weekly.

- Make projectiosn before you start,plan to get a fixed amount of clients weekly to buy from you orr a fixed minimum quantity of eggs to sell weekly.

Once you obey the above steps carefully get ready your start up fee to buy your first sets of eggs and get ready for an exciting adventure into the world of eggs distribution business.


A crate of eggs provides 100Naira profit after transportation and sales to your clients if you buy the eggs directly from the farm,it can cost as much as 600-650Naira and an be sold even to other resellers with 100Naira profit on each crate.

Work on the income you intend to make weekly for example,if you make 100Naira profit on each crate of eggs,selling between 400 - 500 crates weekly will produce a profit of 40,000Naira and 50,000Naira respectively.A simple plan to sell 400 - 500 crates is to distribute this amount to smaller amounts of buyers.

It's easy to find multiple buyers that will buy small quantities i.e 20crates from you weekly than a huge sum at once continously,so focus on getting multiple amount of buyers that will buy your crates of eggs in small quantities in multiple sums.

Try to achieve selling 500 crates weekly to make a revenue of 50,000 Naira weekly,200,000Naira monthly,this amount can go up if you have a shop well you can sell directly to the end user around 900Naira;if sold at a shop combined with the direct supply to other retailers profits will push up to around 250,000Naira Monthly.

In order for the seller to make more profits projections should be made,strive to increase sales quota as the business develops,note if 500 crates provides 200,000Naira in interest per month,1000 crates provides 400,000Naira profit,so getting more buyers for your eggs will do you do,never settle for a fixed amount of clients go for more !

Wish you all the best in this business career.



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