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Investment In Dry Cleaning
Investment In Dry Cleaning

Investment In Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is one of the high paying business you can establish . It is more or less easier to start . Due to the advancement of technology , dry cleaning has become one of the less easier business you can establish with a small capital .

Now , what is Dry cleaning ?

This is the act of washing things for people .These things include cloths , bed sheet and other things . It also involves ironing them or other home services . People don’t need to stress themselves a lot in this type of business . It is themachine that does almost all the works . All you need is to operate the machine . In dry cleaning services , you also don’t need to take a heavy loan in order to start it .

Dry cleaning is in the form of washing cloth’s with chemicals and solvents . People of nowadays prefer sending their cloths to dry cleaners so that they can wash it for them and the cloth will look sharp and good in the eyes . Some of the things you should know about this business include :


This type of business is not limited to some few individuals only . As a student , you can start this business and use it to boost your financial life. . Likewise , a family man can also start this business . It is a business which anybody can start . It is not a business for selected few individuals .


This is another challenge that people face in this business . Selecting a particular location where you can establish this business is what you should give a right thought . It is one of the things that will lead to success in this business . Your selected location should be a place where people would patronize you and not a village where people will not patronize you .

As a student in campus , dry cleaning business is one of the lucrative business that thrives in campus. In fact , establishing this business in campus is one of the surest way of making money in campus. The university is a place where you would get lots of customers .

As a family man or an unemployed youth , you can establish this business in towns , cities or some urban areas where you believe that this business will move forward . Establishing this business in towns and cities will give you the opportunity to have lots of customers . It will also create a huge avenue for you to interact with your customers and know their views about your company . Now the next thing is ;


Like I always say , the growth of any business lies in marketing . It is what will determine whether your venture will make profit or loss . Marketing is the heart of every business . Now , before you talk about marketing , take a look on how you will brand this your company .

First , you will need to print a business card with your contact details written on it . Then , you will need to design your work place very well to make it attractive to your visiting customers . If your company is not designed properly , how do you expect your customers to believe that you can wash their cloths very well. And also make your location accessible to everybody. You can do that by putting a sign post with your contact details boldly written on it so that visiting customers will not miss road when they are coming . The way you brand your company will determine how the company will flourish .

Now , having given your company a very good brand , you can now start marketing your company . You can still tell people about your company on social media , through television adverts or through other media houses like newspaper. Try and tell them how your company look like and how you operate . Market it as many people as possible. As a student , you can go to different lecture halls and tell students about your company . And you can also paste advertisement of your company on so many lecture halls with your contact details written on them . Now , how do you unlock the hidden wealth in this business.


You can make money in this business by charging people money on different cloths the bring to you for cleaning . Your charge will depend on the type of cloth the bring. And after washing these cloths , try and package them very well before sending them to the owners . Lastly , the things you need for this business is washing machine and a shop. You can rent a shop and buy a washing machine together with other things like detergent and buckets. Invest in this business and be determined and you will see wealth drawing closer to you...



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