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There come another lucrative business you can start without any loan . This is a business which fetches people millions of naira every month . And what makes this business lucrative is that it is a product which everybody uses in a day . Detergent is something that people buys always . For example ; in air freshener , Until the one you bought finishes , you will not buy another one . But in this cases , you buy it daily . People use it almost every minute of the day .

With the level of unemployment in Nigeria today , one is not left with no order option than to invest in something that will yield profit to you . Detergent production is one of those things that will yield that your desired profit. Most of the business men and women in the society today started with low capital and today , they are rich . They focused on what they want and worked hard towards its fulfilment .

Someone may be saying that entering into detergent production is too local . That is the mentality of those that fail in the society . Majority of people are earning with detergent production . Some have used it in building houses while others have used it in building factories . Here ,detergent production , one of the hard things is getting the materials needed in producing detergent . But you can get these materials in some big markets .

MATERIALS NEEDED IN DETERGENT PRODUCTION - Caustic Soda . - Soda ash (hard ash ). - Palm kernel oil. - Ammonia . - Sulphonic acid . - Hydrogen peroxide . - Perfume . - Local foaming agent . - Water . - Colour .

The above ingredients is what you need in producing a quality detergent . It may be hard to get but you will find them in the market .

Now the next thing is the procedures in the production of detergent . You have to follow these procedures strictly if you want to produce a decent detergent . The procedures are as follows :

1. The first step is to dissolve caustic soda in about 2 litres of water for 24 hours . 2. Add about 2 bottles of water into the solution and stir it vigorously . 3. Now pour it into your production bowl , add hard ash and stir . 4. Add palm kernal oil and stir thoroughly 5. Then add sulphonic acid and local foaming agent and make sure you stir thoroughly . 6. Add ammonia and stir . 7..carefully add hydrogen peroxide into the mixture , stir until the mixture rises up . 8. Now spread under the sun and allow to dry . 9. Finally , grind the product into powdery form . Nice job , you made it . You just produced a very lovely detergent .

Some of the problems you may encounter in the detergent production is mixing . You have to monitor the ingredients when you are mixing . Any error you make can render your production useless so you have to be careful when mixing .

Now for the procedure i listed above , the mixing was done with the following : caustic soda is 1kg , soda ash is 3kg , palm kernel oil is 6 bottles , ammonia is one short , sulphonic acid is 1bottle , hydrogen peroxide is 1 bottle , perfume is 2 shorts , local foaming agent is 1 bottle , water is 3 litres and water is to your taste . You can mix your own depending on the quantity you want to produce .

Safety tips while producing : - Don’t allow some of these chemicals to enter your mouth . - Cover your hand while handling some of these chemicals. - Don’t allow small children to come near the chemicals . -Wear apron while handling some of these chemicals to avoid stain on your cloths . - Avoid distractions while in production .

Production of detergent is one of the few business without full planning . All you need is to get your materials ready and start production . People may discourage you at the initial beginning but stay focused. Most of the millionaires total started their business with very small capital . They did not climb the ladder immediately . You can invest your money in the production . Then you hire people who will be managing the company for you and you pay them monthly. .



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