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Barbing saloon business is a nice business to do especially for a young man . It is a business meant for men only .It is a business which you can combine with your daily activities . It is a business where your major aim is how to please your customers . In this business , your customers welfare is your top priority you will need to create a variety of customers which you would keep .

Satisfying your customers is another thing you show learn how to do . How do you measure your customers satisfaction ? . You measure it when your customers return after coming the first time . All successful business rely on returning customers which is only possible only with high level of customer satisfaction . And the same thing is applicable to barbing saloon business . It is a business where the opinion of your customers is valued so high . They are the people that will promote your business . They will tell their friends about you and your business . Satisfying your customers will make them to say positive things about you .

Another way of earning through barbing saloon business is by recommendation and referrals . The ultimate question that will determine your long term success or failure of your business is the recommendation and referrals you get from people . You can survive only when majority of your customers like the style you employ in barbing of hair . That is the only thing that will draw them closer to you and also encourage their friends to patronize you . Referral business is the key to the future success of your barbing saloon business. Another thing that will draw customers to you is the environment where you sited your shop. Barbing saloon involves neatness so try and site your shop in a neat environment .


You don't need too much things in order to start a barbing saloon business .You can start by renting a shop and buying some few things like clipper , chairs etc. These things are the major things you need for this business . You can buy other things like television , dvd for customers satisfaction.


You can set up this business at any location of your choice . It thrives at any location . The location of this business will only determine the price you will charge your customers . Barbing saloon is what everybody in the street patronise. The only thing that will differentiate you from others is your style of barbing .


The major merit of this business is that it is a business which thrives at any location . There is no place that it is located that you will not find customers . People will always patronise you . It does not require much capital to start . Even as student , you can do this business in campus . Majority of students who do this business in campus earn more than 3,000 in a day . It is a lucrative business in campus. That is a place where students spend money in barbing their hair any style they want .


It requires learning . It is not a business you can start immediately without learning it . You have to learn this business before you can open shop . It requires carefulness. You have to be careful when barbing people to void mistakes like wounding your customers . Barbing saloon / hair stylist is a business you can enter .

People that are into this business make thousands of money in a day. They charge heavily for them to barb someone . It is also business which you can combine with other business and be earning income .Another factor that determines where to site this business is electricity. This is one of the major challenges faced by people that is into this business. Most of them do not have access to electricity and it difficult for them to operate this business . They don't have what it takes to be buying fuel on a daily basis to run this business and also generate enough income for themselves .

How your shop looks also play a big role in attracting customers . Most people like barbing their hair in an attractive shop . A place where they would feel comfortable . Hair stylist are always neat . They lead by example . You have to look neat and sharp if you want to start this business . Give your shop a good beautification and always tell your customers to bring their friends too. You can add some hair styles to your value.

NOTE : Your major marketing or advertisement in this business is your style of barbing . It will determine whether people would patronise you or not. so , invest your time in learning this business very well before setting up your own . And set it in a location where you have few competitors.

If your competitors is high , you may not achieve your target in this business. If you want to earn with barbing saloon , invest your time in it . Take the business very serious . I have seen a lot of people that have run this business for years but they have not achieved anything through it .They have not invested their time in it . They are more or less concerned about the business. Don't be like such people. Invest your time in it and success shall be yours...



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