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Farming is the act of growing crops or rearing of animals . Farming is a general name for planting of crops and rearing of animals . Most of the farmers are living big in the society . Farming is another source of revenue for people .If you watch countries like Malaysia , Norway and some other Asian countries , you will see that agriculture is their major source of revenue .If you watch their GDP , you will see that it is far more better than other countries that depend in oil . Farming is an affordable means of earning a living . You can invest in it and become a millionaire in few years . One of the major problems that farmers encounter in the course of farming is the lack of farm implements . There is no adequate farm equipments for farmers to use . Lack of equipments like tractors , bulldozer , ridging machine makes it difficult for farmers to cultivate a large farmland . NOTE: Cultivating of farmland is not the only activity an individual can invest in farming . There are other things like rearing of animals . Another major challenge they encounter on the course of farming is how to make it big as a farmer . They find it difficult in harnessing the gains embedded in farming .Others find it difficult in knowing the area to key into in farming . Now , let us understand really what farming is all about and the areas to key into in farming .


There are many ways to invest in farming and rip the fruit of your labour . Farming is not something you just start immediately , you need to know the area you want to invest in farming which you are good at and which you also have strong passion for . Farming is something that needs passion as it driving power . If you don’t have strong passion for farming , there is no how you are going to be a great farmer. You need to have the willingness and the zeal to venture into farming before it can work for you . Below is the areas you can invest as a farmer ; PLANTING OF CROPS : This is the area most people choose . You can plant different crops on a particular farmland . It is an avenue to generate money as a farmer Once your crops is matured , you can plug them and sell them at the market . REARING OF ANIMALS : Another way of making moneyas a farmer . You can rear different kinds of animals . Rearing of animal is the easiest way of making money as a farmer as it does not involve too much stress . You can sell your farm animals any time you like and make your money . POULTRY FARMING : You can go into poultry farming and be making your money through it . Poultry farming is another lucrative farming business you can start with low capital . It is one of the best ways of making money as a farming . In poultry farming , you can sell your eggs and make money and you can convert their waste product to manure . Once you have chosen the area you want to venture into , you now begin to invest in such areas .


This is a question that many people do not understand . They think that is is only by selling of farm produce . There are many ways that you can live big as a farmer ; - You can start by cultivating on a huge farmland and selling your farm produce . - You can also sell farm animals . - You can enter into poultry farming and be selling egg and hen. - You can also sell farm implements like hoes . - You can sell chemicals used by the farmer like insecticides etc. These and many more are the things you can invest as a farmer .

Living big as a farmer will be determined by the farmer . If you invest your time very well in your farm , you will still rip huge benefit from it . Another thing that will determine your level of success as a farmer is "hard work" .

Farming involves a lot of hard works . It is not something a lazy person can venture into . It needs a lot of sacrifice in order to become a successful farming . And also , finance is another key tool that will help you to be a successful farmer . You need to invest a lot of money in farming if you need to rip huge benefits . These are some of the things you need to do in order to be a successful farmer .



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