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Are you buying goods or services ONLINE abroad or anywhere? Do you have problem of CreditCard/ATM/Paypal REJECTED or DECLINED? Do You Want To Run Facebook Ads, Google Ads or Any Pay Per Click Advertisement?

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Do you run

1. Facebook Ads (We Run It)

Deciding how, where and when to put up an advertisement considering your resources is an onerous task facing an entrepreneur. With the advent of Facebook, the task has become easier. Once you are lucky to get the services of a good ADVERT ACCOUNT MANAGER to run your advert, you can just go to sleep while your Ads is run to the world!

Some of the advantages of running a Facebook Ads include:


It doesn't cost much to run an FB Advert.

If you are a starter (running an FB Ads for the first-time), it will cost you a total of N7,000. We can run the advert for a DAY or a WEEK at the same cost i.e N7,000 .

For the 'old-timers' (person already advertising with Facebook), we will charge N6,500 for a DAY or for a WEEK at the same cost i.e N6,500.

You will have to provide us with the graphics and other FB advert materials (600×600 pixels for the graphics).

One could get the target audience he/she wants e.g; 10,000 to 350,000 target audience (people) but it is advisable you start small and then be increasing. If however the client wants it otherwise, He/She will let us know and we will work out the price immediately.
You can spend as little as N6,500 and get exposure nationally and international.


The Targeting options for Facebook Ads are exceptionally awesome.

Absolutely good and even better for those running age-related advert. E.g. 18 years to 65 years targeting.

Facebook has a Massive Audience which will include your customers (1.25 Billion people use Facebook every day!). Imagine
the Eyeballs on your Ads!

Finally, you will gain a competitive edge over your competitors. ====

Setting up and managing Facebook Ads takes time and requires experienced Advert Manager. These Managers are here with us and are ready to work for you.

Are you Ready for your Facebook Ads to come online through us?

2. Google Adwords (We Run It)

3. Amazon

4. GoDaddy

5. Bluehost

6. Yahoo!

7. Bing

8. Namecheap

9. LinkedIn

10. Hostgator

11. Twitter

12. Amazon

13. ebay

14. AliExpress

15. Fiverr

16. Alibaba


18. Pay For Forex

19. Laptops

20. Airline Tickets

21. Hotels

22. Fashion

23. Pay Per Click Advertising

24. School Fees

25. etc ? We can help you.

We help you pay for any of the services in a twinkle of an eye!

We are also Blogs and Website designers as well as e-currencies Exchanger. Our handling charges are fair and competitive.

You can decide any amount of Money you want to deal with Online. It is AVAILABLE!

Don't let the lack of CreditCard/ATM/Paypal etc stop you from doing online business! Isn't it time you talk to us?

*** N:B: We charge 0.1% of your Total Online purchase.

E.g: Buy Shoes $80 Online + Our Handling Charges of 0.1% = $88

Buy Domains and Hosting $30 Online + Our Handling Charges of 0.1% = $33

Pay themeforest,net $400 Online + Our Handling Charges of 0.1% = $440

Pay AliExpress $3000 Online + Our Handling Charges of 0.1% = $3300

Google Adwords $50 + Our Handling Charges of 0.1% = $5

Pay ebay $1000 online + Our Handling Charges of 0.1% = $100 etc

**Remember there may be Negligible Bank charges which shall be added to your fees.

*Note that you will NOT be charged any other money apart from these.
**Prices/Charges are subject to change without notice. Please contact us at: for information about the current prices/charges. Thank you.

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